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Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship History

Over 21 years ago, Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship (MFCF) was merely an idea. With much prayer counsel and support, the idea eventually became a reality. Founded by Pastor Jerry Salinas and a core group of members (that included both family and friends), MFCF conducted their first service in 1998.

Throughout its history, MFCF has met for worship in a home, a store front, and even a former skating ring before arriving at its current location. In October 2010, Pastor Jerry Salinas passed away due to illness, leaving the congregation both shocked and saddened at the loss of their shepherd. Though the passing weighed heavy upon the congregation, the church still thrived and moved forward in spite of that challenging season.

In June of 2011, MFCF gained a new pastor, Sammy Lopez. He and his family came from Houston after ten years as a pastor of a church in that area. With a new shepherd, MFCF was able to continue moving forward as God had planned as a newly invigorated church body that reaches the surrounding community.

Currently, Pastor Sammy Lopez and his family have been with MFCF for over seven years.